Breastfeeding and Newborn Photography

You just had a sweet bundle of joy but feel like you have been run over by a truck. The last thing on your mind is a newborn photo shoot, but I promise you that one day these photos will be some of your biggest treasures. WITH struggling TO figuring out nursing and postpartum hormones that are in full swing, it can be difficult to coordinate photos. I teamed up with an amazing photographer to give you our tips as nursing mamas THAT We hope will help you navigate your newborn photo session successfully.

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  1. Find a photographer that is PATIENT! It takes time to get the right shot and having a photographer who is patient is such a key. If you are local you must check out Jacki Blu Photo. She is a mama herself and takes breathtakingly beautiful photos. You want someone who works with children often NOT just any photographer.

  2. It is usually best to get newborn photos taken between 1-3 weeks old. Sleepy photos are the best and after a few weeks your babe will be more active. If there is a time of day you are feeling best, schedule around that. We recommend feeding your baby right before the photographer arrives (if stars align and timing is right) or soon after. Ideally, you would like to allow for enough time for a full feeding/sleeping/awake cycle which could be 2-3 hours altogether depending on the babe.

  3. Expect LOTS of wardrobe changes for baby because, well, poop happens. Have an extra top or two on hand for mom as well in case of again, poop, but also milk leaking. Hooray for your milk coming in but it sure can make a mess of your new top. Be sure to grab some breast pads as well. I love bamboobies since they are reusable and made of bamboo they are very good at combating minor leaks. Don’t worry it takes a few weeks for your milk to regulate and then you won’t be leaking at the most faint newborn whimper. Make sure it’s accessible for breastfeeding because chances are in those early days you will be feeding A LOT!


4, Be flexible. Baby wear between shutter clicks or even during session. Staying close to mom or dad can help keep baby calm and content. Skin to skin contact is great for newborns and for regulating your milk supply. It may not look like it but I was actually wearing my son Lucas in this picture. He is all warm and secure on mama in his fidella ring sling. We tucked this grey blanket under him to hide my chest, while I held it up as a background.  This is now one of his favorite blankets and such a special memory.

5. Consider taking a nursing photo and ask your photographer if they are comfortable/have done those before. Even if no one ever sees any, these photos document a special bond and such sweet moments between you and your little one. I promise you won't regret it!


6. Breathe and try not to stress, let baby take the lead. Your little one can sense if you are tense and feeling uneasy so relax and have fun. Baby not sleepy? Change your focus and take pics of their tiny details like eyelashes and itty bitty toes. You will blink and they will be stinky toes filled with dirt attached to a toddler who screams like you are dismembering him when you attempt to clip said toenails and well no one wants a picture of that.

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Most importantly,

Have Fun!

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I can’t stress enough how fleeting these moments are and that you will never get them back. Enjoy it, embrace this season, and document your days as a new mama and the first weeks of your new bundle of joy.

- Lauren and Jacki

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